Rustic Mexican Cuisine…it’s a creation of flavors, essences, spaces and moments wrapped in a magic full of culture that surrounds you and slowly leads you to the warmth of our ancestors, making your visit an experience full of old cultures. Every corner and every space tells us and reminds us of old habits and traditions, those that we once shared when we were little, with the most blessed thing in life, the family.


Salt, pepper, spices and the color of our dishes are mixed to give rise to the flavor of ancient and traditional Mexican cuisine, without neglecting the demands of Tex-mex and current food. We welcome you with an exquisite sauce worthy of your palate, perfect to accompany it with some delicious chips that will make you hear that “crunch” and will wet your appetite even more.

At the time you open our menu, you will continue to be involved in those ancient traditions of our elders.

Give yourself time to see the photos and read about our dishes to stay connected to our culture and you will find so many options, from a delicious appetizer like our RUSTICO SAMPLE, which will introduce you to the highest tasting Mexican food appetizers.

From an appetizer, to one of our specialties and ending with a delightful dessert such as the famous 3 LECHES CAKE or the newest CHOCOLATE CHIMICHANGA with ICE CREAM, we are sure that your demands will be satisfied by the hand of our Chef Luis López who has almost 20 years of experience in this specialty. Together we will make you say…So good!


You are invited to experience the sensation of enjoying a cold beer, whether domestic or Mexican, bottled or on tap, the delicious Michelada with our homemade recipe, to a rich and fresh cocktail like our famous Paloma or the cocktail of your choice. Don’t  forget the exquisite margaritas offering up to 12 different flavors, either on the rocks or frozen, even an organic version, our best top Skinny Margarita with Herradura tequila prepare at your request.

Our most requested Pineapple-Jalapeño Margarita and Texas Margarita prepared with tequila of your choice, we offer you a wide variety of more than 50 tequilas to make your drink even fresher and richer.

All this in one place, and in a western, old and country atmosphere that will continue to envelop you in those old times and memories…